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The start of a great mens haircut begins with the understanding between the barber and the client. Our barbershop in Minneapolis works constantly to cultivate this relationship.


Take a look at the impressive styles below, each with their unique features. Use them as inspiration and talking points where we'll collaborate to achieve the best mens haircut experience imaginable!

*Please also refer to the Team's bio page here to match your style to their specialites


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The Fade Haircut is one of the most timeless haircuts. However, there is a lot of modern customization within this type of hairstyle to suit your image.

Choose how short or long you want the "faded" area to be. For instance, a Bald Fade shaves the lowest part of the scalp for a smooth finish. Or you can opt for a #1 or #2 at the bottom (0.12" or 0.25") if you prefer a slightly longer start.

Choose how high or low you want your fade to go. From a bald fade to a #1 fade, you can decide the size of the shortest section of the fade, where it ends, and how it blends into the top. This affects how stretched or compressed the fade will be. A low fade gives a stretched look with a gradual gradient, while a high fade creates a compressed blend in a smaller area. It's all about your preference!

Fade haircuts are low maintenance and offer a professional appearance. They are also easy to care for and can help keep the head cool in hot weather. Can be customized to suit a variety of personal styles and are suitable for a range of occasions.


Afro haircuts are customizable to suit a variety of personal styles and preferences. They can be worn in a range of lengths and styles and are often designed to enhance and define natural curl patterns.

  • A main part for this texture of hair is having the frontal hair line lined up providing a square and angular look.

  • a Tapered haircut on Afro hair can give a clean, professional appearance, making it a popular choice for men in business or formal settings.

  • With the use of a sponge, curls can be given natural definition on short, mid or high tops.

  • Tapers - and generally having the sides shorter - allows the hair on top to be grown into braids, cornrows, and twists.

For clients with Afro hair, please look at each of our artist's specialties here before making your booking!


A classic haircut and style that is easy to wear on most head shapes. This haircut uses the combination of clipper and scissors on the sides to balance length and weight.

  • Top can be disconnected for an undercut haircut or blended for an easy maintenance look. (as pictured below)

  • Low maintenance: Short haircuts are easy to style and maintain, as they require minimal styling products and infrequent visits to the barber.

  • Versatility: Short haircuts can be styled in a variety of ways, from slicked back to spiky to messy and textured. This versatility makes them suitable for a range of occasions and personal styles.

  • Professional appearance: Short haircuts are often seen as more professional and neat, making them a popular choice for men in business or formal settings.

  • Easy to care for: Short haircuts are easy to care for as they require minimal combing and brushing and can be washed and dried quickly.


Not every haircut has to be "faded" or showing scalp for that matter. Men can still have a easily wearable style that can suit their head shape.

  • Similar to a Taper, the top can be disconnected for an undercut haircut or blended for an easy maintenance look. (as pictured below)

  • Short haircuts are convenient to style and upkeep since they need minimal styling products and fewer trips to the barber.

  • Short hairstyles offer a lot of styling options, including sleek and polished looks like the slick-back style or edgy and bold appearances for a messy yet fashionable vibe. This versatility ensures this option to be suitable for a wide array of occasions and cater to diverse personal styles.

  • Short haircuts are frequently perceived as conveying a professional and tidy appearance, rendering them a favored option among men in business or formal environments.


This length of hair opens a wide variety of hairstyle options. They tend to fall between the ears and the shoulders. Style can be cut to go backwards, up, forward, to the side or even middle parted.

  • Add layers for an effortlessly tousled surfer look.

  • Taper the sides to rock the mullet haircut.

  • Continue to grow out your hair to flow it back or put it in a man bun.

  • Clipper all around the sides for an undercut hairstyle. Also allowing you to tie it up into a Top Knot.

 Men's medium length haircuts offer versatility in terms of styling options and can give a professional and well-groomed appearance. These haircuts are generally low maintenance and easy to care for, requiring only occasional combing or styling to maintain their look.

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