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Add a Beard Trim to Your Haircut

Give the care your beard deserves. Use it to compliment your face shape, add structure and increase perceived masculinity. Interested in more grooming services for men? Check out what else we offer at our barbershop in Minneapolis.


Take a look at the impressive styles below, each with their unique features. Use them as inspiration and talking points where we'll collaborate to achieve the best mens haircut experience imaginable!

*Only artists that are "Barbers" can use the straight razor when doing beard trims. Check Team Page.

Beard Styles

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Trimmed to #2 Guard length w/ Line Up


The common beard technique is to use clipper guards to get the beard trim to an even length all around. The equal length size can be determined by the client's preferences.

Per usual with our beard services, the sides feature a taper into the length of the haircut to give a blended look from the sides, and an angular look from the front.


Freehand length with Line Up


For men that like to ride out their beards more, the long beard service gets your facial hair looking groomed, tightened and intentional.

The freehand form allows the client to have any size length for the beard and shape. You have the choice to make the bottom of the beard to be shaped:

  • Angular (Diamond look)

  • Rounded

  • Square

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