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Enhance the Health of Your Beard

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

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In order to maintain a healthy beard, you must pay attention to the way your beard looks and feels. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your look regardless of whether you have a full on lumberjack beard or just like a little texture around your jawline

The Ideal Beard Length

Finding the middle ground is critical to finding a great bearded look for yourself. A beard that has become overgrown or one that has been severely manscaped can leave a person feeling a little off-put. The ideal beard length should serve the purpose of highlighting key facial features. One of those main features is the jaw line. A proportional beard length should add a level of shape that makes the face look more angular. So men with a less pronounced chin are able to make up for that in beard length.

Your Tools of Choice

There are a couple options now for men to use to keep their beards and overall facial hair groomed. Straight or Safety razors offer the ability to line up extremely close to the skin. However, as many people do, using any sort of blade makes them at risk to shave related issues such as ingrown hairs, breakouts, and dry skin. As someone who has dealt with this issue personally, I found when making the switch to electric shavers was able to stop and prevent these issues. Due mainly to electric tools not getting as close to the skin but at a good compromising level to still get a clean look without any of the drawbacks.

Nutrition for Hair Health

The food you eat can affect the appearance of your hair and skin for years to come. You'll want to improve the growth of your beard by eating plenty of colorful vegetables, lean proteins, and avoiding too much sugar or dairy. For additional benefits, it is recommend to be supplementing with a daily vitamin, including a B complex vitamin, and fish oil.

Optimal Sleep

Men rely so much on sleep other than for hair such as testosterone which is a primary hormone for building muscle. The amount of hours will always vary from person to person. The best recommendation is simply to promote habits that lead to more sleep. Take a break from your smartphone or that latest binge-worthy TV show and go to bed earlier to get some quality shut eye. It's not only going to make you feel better, but it's going to make you look better too.

Facial Hair Products

Keeping your beard healthy requires regular washing and conditioning. The use of a moisturizing combination can help prevent breakage and leave your beard looking fuller and healthier. For those who wear their beards extra long, a well-maintained appearance will require other facial hair products like beard oil or beard butter. The reason being is because as the ends of facial grow longer, it becomes harder for the natural oils from your face to reach them. Lack of oil and moisture to these areas will make hair go brittle and frizzy faster!

High End Barbershop in Minneapolis, MN

At Amadeuz Studio, located conveniently in the North Loop, is dedicated to working with beards to make them healthy, tamed, and workable for the several weeks to come! Our talented team can give a more in-depth analysis of your beard to give the right shape, education and products so that eventually you will be able to maintain your own facial hair like a pro!

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