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Location & Parking


Located on the 1st floor corner in Union Plaza! Public entrance is either Main Lobby door or South Side entrance.

While we work to get designated parking in the future - there are 2 options for parking!

Building Parking - Pay only at the box
City Parking - Pay box or by App

North Loop Barbershop
Barbershop in North Loop Minneapolis
Men's Hair in North Loop Minneapolis

Building Parking

Pay boxes are circled in red.

1st is located in front of the T3 building across from the South Entrance of Union Plaza

2nd is located on Washington Street next to Deja Vu (Pink building)

City Parking

This parking is available alongside of Union Plaza and behind Deja Vu & Office Bar (highlighted in green). It also continues along 3rd Ave.


Pay box is located along 3rd Ave or pay by Minneapolis Parking App.

Men's Salon in North Loop Minneapolis
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