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Men's Salon in Minneapolis

Why another Barbershop or Men's Salon?

There are already so many other barber shops or salons for men (or anyone really) to get their haircut...

and we're not here to reinvent the wheel either.

At Our Core

What we believe is simple - the Barbershop is meant to put the client’s needs first. With our simple and easy to understand Service Menu, our clients know what to expect.

Understanding comes with the why, creativity follows the how. From consultation to result, the haircut journey is thoughtfully designed.


Not every hair texture can be cut the same way. Not every style uses the same technique. We work hard to make sure this is a barbershop for all people.

Similarly, in our commitment to this, we look to carry hair products to match the needs of ethnic & straight hair!

Why Us?

Well to be honest, we have nothing to sell you on! The encouragement is to find a barbershop/salon with artists you get along with and that understands your needs. While we hope that can be us, there are several shops out there and many of them are also bringing their best. Explore and find what suits you!






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