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Barbers in Minneapolis

The Barbershop That Will Make You Grow

Located in the vibrant neighborhood of The North Loop in Minneapolis, our upscale shop will be the platform to build your creative brand!

Having The Right Support

The Core of Amadeuz:

We cannot put enough emphasis on continual growth and education. Although we teach modern and skillful techniques to cut hair, it doesn’t always lead to the most success in this industry. You will also learn:

And More!!

You will be surrounded with a supportive and forward thinking group of professionals as we promote together an environment you will always enjoy coming to work at and keep you on track of your personal and/or career goals.


  • Chair Rental - Model in place to get you up to speed then allowing you to maximize your profits.

  • Flexibility - Because of our rental model, team members are given the independence to create the schedule that works for them!

  • Continued Education - Learn to cut modern hairstyles at an efficient pace to boost your income.

  • Opportunities to Advance Career - potential to move into leadership and educator positions.

  • Access to Building Common Area - The 4th floor of the building provides a lounge area where you could debrief during your breaks or get other work done.

  • Access to Building Rooftop - Similarly, the building allows access to the rooftop patio in the summers to hang out or have a social gathering.

  • Booking System - Simple and proficient booking to send SMS/Email Reminders about appointments, text messaging & email marketing.

  • No Non-Compete agreement

  • Marketing Campaigns from the shopInstagramGoogle Ads, etc.

  • Opportunity to earn well over $80,000+ with uncapped earning potential!

Apply to work with us Today!

333 N Washington Ave,

STE 100

Minneapolis MN 55401

(612) 440-1496

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