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mens hair cut near me

Location and Parking




mens haircuts near me

Welcome to our premier Minneapolis barbershop, where luxury meets convenience. Situated in the heart of the city, our high-end establishment offers a haven of style and sophistication. Step into our meticulously designed space and experience the height of grooming excellence.


Our expert barbers are dedicated to delivering tailored services with precision and flair, ensuring each client leaves looking and feeling their absolute best. With our prime location, accessing top-tier grooming has never been more convenient. Elevate your grooming routine and indulge in the unparalleled experience of our Minneapolis barbershop today.

Located on the 1st floor corner in Union Plaza! Public entrance is either Main Lobby door or South Side entrance (Across from Dario Restaurant).

While being in a busy part of Minneapolis, we have 3 options for parking!

Building Parking - Pay only at the box
City Parking - Pay box or by App

Ramp C - Parking Garage

mens hair cut near me


Where To Park

Mens haircut near me

Pay boxes are indicated by yellow arrows.

1st is located in front of the T3 building across from the South Entrance of Union Plaza.

2nd is located on Washington Avenue next to Deja Vu (Pink building)


Mens haircut near me



This parking is available alongside of Union Plaza and behind Deja Vu & Office Bar (highlighted in green). It also continues along 3rd Ave.


Pay box is located along 3rd Ave or pay by Minneapolis Parking App.


mens hair salon near me


Convenient Skyway Access

Working or living downtown? You can still find a men's haircut near me!

We're only a 15 minute walk from the IDS Center using the SkyWay system in Downtown Minneapolis.

  1. Find the Target Center as your starting point.

  2. Then, follow the skyways through to Target Field where you will reach Ramp C parking garage at the end.

  3. Take the elevator to level "B" and you'll come out to the new North Loop Green Building, T3 Building (home to Dario Restaurant) and Union Plaza - our barbershop home!

So if it's blistering cold or hot and humid outside, you can make it to Studio AZ with only being outside for a total of 19 seconds.

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